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Fact or Fiction

The following excerpt has been used in many writings but is it fact or propaganda???

The Medieval Longbow and the Two-Fingered Salute – the English V-Sign!
The two-fingered salute – the V-Sign – is still used today when the index and middle finger is held aloft as an obscene gesture of total disdain and derision! This salute dates back to the English Longbowman who fought the French during the Hundred Years War (1337 – 1453). The French hated the English archers who used the Longbow with such devastating effect. Any English archers who were caught by the French had their Index and middle fingers chopped off from their right hand- a terrible penalty for an archer. This led to the practice of the English archers, especially in siege situations, taunting their French enemy with their continued presence by raising their two fingers in the ‘Two-Fingered Salute’ meaning “You haven’t cut off my fingers !”

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